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It's... quiet. The morning is quiet and dull and even the animals lingering on the fringes of town seem a bit at a loss for what to do. The town as a whole seems to be waiting with bated breath, for the outcome of the tie.

A few moments later Tarvek and Nisha follow him out, leashed to him by a rope binding their hands and a blindfold around their eyes. In the Sheriff's other hand are two pistols. He'll lead them to the center of the town and place a pistol in each of their hands before pulling out a knife and cutting the ropes binding them. He pulls off the blindfold afterwards.

He turns back to the town after, glancing at the few stray animals that have set up on the porches to watch. A crow nearby caws out from on top of the Saloon sign. The Sheriff looks to the hotel and a moment later, the bells on top of the church begin to ring. He calls out, louder than naturally possible,

"Execution time, folks! Nisha Kadam and Tarvek Sturmvoraus have elected to duel to the death. Come and witness."

And then, as indifferent as ever, he pops a piece of tobacco.


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[ she just starts screaming hysterically and runs towards the fire ]
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[what is he looking at with his own two fucking eyes]

Papika! [Oh well, it's fine, Damian is running, too.] Don't touch it! [Because, why not, he's stripping his shirt off so he can use it as a dampener for the flames. As if HA HA it'll really do much anyway...]

Get dirt!
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[Yeah, no. Nope. Nah, man. Jason is making an executive decision, and that's to pull Damian away from the extra crispy girl on the ground. DON'T SET YOURSELF ON FIRE, CHILD.]

She's already dead, stop!
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[DAMMIT! He's trying to fucking hero right now, Jason!] Let go of me, Todd! [He loses the shirt he was going to try to put her own with, but it only helps in making the blaze more stable. Thanks for that, Jason.]

She needs to be extinguished! [He gives Jason a swift jab in the stomach with an elbow.] Do something!
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Papika! [He had. Started to do the same but he's quick to grab her, hissing as his knuckles split open again through their bandages but he's grabbing her and pulling her back.]
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He said get dirt! Percy, we need dirt!

[ she's almost shrieking now and is. struggling. ]
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I know. I know! [And for once Papika's probably witnessing Percy's complete loss of control, his own voice higher-pitched and more hysterical.

Is this how it happened with Annabeth? Is this also why no one heard her burn alive? He doesn't bother putting Papika down and he tightens his grip, keeping her off the ground.]
Don't run toward the flames, got it? [And he's even sort of shaking her to get her to stop struggling, to listen even as his eyes fill with tears.] Get dirt and I'll take care of it but stay away from the flames.
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[ it's percy lack of composure that does it. she doesn't... calm down, exactly, but she stops struggling against him. ]

Okay. Okay, I won't get close. Please just-- I need to stop the fire. I'll get dirt.

[ it's all said extremely quickly, the words running into each other. she knows it's too late to save her, but... she can't just watch her burn like that. ]
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I know. [Lissa's long dead. They both know that, but the flames make it much worse. With that he sets her on the ground gently and looks at her.] Run. Bring me what you can and I'll stop it.
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[ she nod and then just bolts. it turns out... she is actually very fast! but she runs inside the general store for some reason?? which become apparent when she exits again with two buckets that she immediately starts to scoop up as much dirt as they'll carry before running over to percy. ]

Here here here!
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[Nyoom. But with that he's taking both buckets and it's apparently even with messed-up hands he's capable of moving to juggle them both. He gets as close to the flames as possible, gagging on the smell of burning flesh and spitting into the dirt before he starts throwing dirt on the flames themselves. It's a process, jumping back from the heat and trying not to get burned, but eventually both buckets are used as the flames die down completely.

And with that, he stands and just sort of stares at another burned-up body. Thanks, Whole Ass.]
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[ honestly papika has a ridiculously good sense of smell so she has just been dying every time there has been rotting or burning corpses around.

she takes a few seconds to catch her breath, but then immediately rushes to percy's side. ]

I hate, hate, hate them. [ her voices still has that hysterical edge, but it's low enough for just percy or anyone else extremely close by to hear. ]
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[This poor kid??? But when she returns to his side he looks down, immediately pulling her in closer in a one-armed hug to also protect her nose because gods, thanks guys.]

I do, too. The whole system's messed up. [He lets her stay there for a few moments to calm down even if he himself isn't calm.] ...we can't stay here, Papika. It's over for now.
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[ someone is going to have to grab lissa's body and bury it, even if the sheriff is just going to take it again anyway. she deserves that though. that someone... should probably not be either of them though.

so she nods stiffly, finally looking away from what's left of lissa. ]

Ah. Yeah, let's go.
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[ ROOMIE NO.......

Well, she's just standing, frozen. more than anything else, she just looks angry, and she's clenching her fists. ]
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[considering last week, Milla knows exactly what's coming when the Sheriff drags another bound and gagged person out into public. she had expected another quick, clean death, so when the Sheriff starts lighting matches. . .]


[she jerks forward much like Papika, Percy and Damien do, before she realizes that the flames are too big, too hot, too ferocious for her to get near. she briefly entertains the thought of grabbing one of the two tinies to keep them from burning themselves, but Percy and Jason have it covered, so she takes a step back instead]

[she watches the flames dance and flicker for a moment, jaw set and knuckles white with how hard she's clenching her hands.]

[and then she turns sharply on her heel and walks away]
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[ Hey, more fire. All Russell can do is watch though, not too bothered by the sight of it. He does glance at the other people trying to scramble to save Lissa... But... ]

She's already dead... [ Is all he could really say. Well, it's obvious that it's going to take awhile for her to burn until she's actually dead, but what he's hinting at is there's no way to save her. Why are they even trying??? ]
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[Damn it.

Damn it, damn it, damn it.

Shinnosuke knows when something will be a failed endeavour, so he stays rooted to the spot, even as his instincts scream. Let others be fools who try to rush into the fire—he knows he shouldn't risk his neck for someone who's already doomed.

It's still not easy to watch, though, even as he does so with narrowed eyes. Really, what a shitty game this all is.]
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[ Xion doesn't even react, not even when Papika starts screaming. She just watches with slightly wide eyes set in a very pale faec as a girl burns to death before them, both hands pressed tightly over her mouth.

When she finally lowers her hands and turns to move, it's away. The look on her face is something awful, something she wasn't capable of three weeks ago. ]
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[This is far from the first young woman he's seen burned--though he wishes, more than anything, that it be the last. It's cruel, and inhumane. He knows this.

He knows very well that this sort of thing is lower than human.

(And he's done the same before, back home, when he was burning witches. Ignorance is hardly any sort of excuse.)

His fists clench as he watches the flames, eyes narrowed and teeth clenched, before he painfully looks away.